Quick Answer: Why are there so many stray animals in Greece?

Does Greece have a lot of stray cats?

Greece and the Greek islands are inundated with stray, abandoned and feral cats. The majority of them are born in the spring and survive through the kindness of tourists who feed them. At the end of the summer season the tourists leave, and some cats survive through the kindness of local Greeks.

Is Greece cruel to animals?

Greece has in recent years been among the countries with the highest rates of animal maltreatment, despite improvements in legislation imposing stricter penalties for animal abusers.

Does Greece have stray dogs?

Greece has a large percentage of stray dogs that are taken care of not only by the locals but by the government as well. The Greek government has a public program where stray animals are tagged and offered veterinary services.

What country has the most abandoned animals?

Between 100,000 and 200,000 pets are abandoned in France each year, with 60% of these incidents occurring over the summer.

How are animals treated in Greece?

Bear in mind that standards of animal welfare in Greece are not the same as in other European countries. The police are unlikely to react to animals you see chained or living outside in makeshift kennels. Your complaint must involve abuse or gross neglect.

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Do cats in Greece have fleas?

Disease in cats is a non-issue in Greece and has been since 1970. So while you don’t have to worry about contracting rabies when you go to pet a cat, many cats have fleas or the cat flu, so it is always good to wash your hands after petting a cat.

Should you feed stray cats in Greece?

Do remember strays need water as well as food. Don’t give cats or kittens milk. It will give them diarrhoea. Don’t be frightened that you might catch rabies.