What are the mountains in Crete called?

What mountains are in Crete?

Crete’s most distinctive feature is its large mountain ranges which are home to a number of peaks. Cretan mountains are mainly grouped into three ranges: the Dikti range in Lassithi, the Ida (Psiloritis) range in central Crete and the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) in Chania.

How many mountains are in Crete?

They are the heart, lungs and indeed soul of Crete really and, with five mountain ranges on this one island, they certainly have the most exquisite breathing spaces here. The mountain ranges from west to east are the White Mountains, the Idi Range, Mount Kedros, the Dikti Range and Mount Thripti.

Is Crete a volcanic island?

The secret to Crete’s rise from the Tethys sea lies in the science behind the creation of mountain ranges. … Although the majority of Crete is created from buckling tectonic plates, there is some evidence that volcanic lava deposits had some effect in the formation of Crete, too.

Are there any mountains in Greece?

The mountains of Greece

Greece is a very mountainous country with many mountains over 2,000m high. Most of these peaks are in a line running down the eastern side of the mainland, with the exception of Mount Olympus (Olympos) that is located on the western coast north of Athens.

What are the two tallest mountains in Greece?

Highest Mountains In Greece

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Rank Highest Mountains in Greece Elevation
1 Olympus 9,573 feet
2 Skala 9,402 feet
3 Touba 9,186 feet
4 Christakis 8,881 feet