What was a major reason why Athens produced thinkers and artists?

Why were the ancient Greek thinkers important?

Greek philosophers were “seekers and lovers of wisdom”. They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. Although we often think of philosophy as religion or “the meaning of life”, the Greek philosophers were also scientists.

How did Greek thinkers artists and writers explore the nature of the universe?

How did Greek thinkers, artists, and writers explore the nature of the universe and people’s place in it? Greek thinkers questioned everything around them. They used logic to try and determine the rules that our world follows, better government systems, and explored different subjects and gave them new meaning.

Who were the great Greek thinkers that used logic and reason?

The Socratic philosophers in ancient Greece were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These are some of the most well-known of all Greek philosophers. Socrates (470/469–399 B.C.E.) is remembered for his teaching methods and for asking thought-provoking questions.

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How did Greek philosophers challenge the traditional thinking of their time?

As you have read, some ancient Greek thinkers challenged the belief that events were caused by the whims of gods. Instead, they used observation and reason to find causes for events.

Why are the Greek philosophers important to the study of history?

The ancient Greek philosophers laid the foundations of Western thinking. Discover the history of Greek philosophy, including Presocratic, Classical, and Hellenistic modes of thought, and then explore a timeline of major Greek philosophers and their influence.

Which of the Greek thinkers was the most important in contributing Greek culture to Western civilization?

Important people in this area were Archimedes and Pythagoras who were two of the many influential in the Greek citizens. Ancient Greece has definitely made many influential contributions to that of western civilizations.

How did Greek art reflect the idea of an ideal form?

It means a moderate course between the extremes. How did Greek art reflect the idea of an ideal form? The work of Greek artists and architects reflected a similar concern with balance, order, and beauty. How was drama used to influence Greek society?

How did Persian contribute to Athenian greatness?

The Persian invasion united the Greeks and led to the development of the Delian League, which in turn led to Athenian prosperity. Conflict in the Delian League; however, led to the Peloponnesian War and the decline of Greece.

What standards of beauty did Greek artists follow?

What standards of beauty did Greek artists follow? Art should show human beings in their most perfect and graceful form. Why was Alexander the Great able to conquer the Persian Empire?

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Why did philosophy develop in Greece?

The ancient Greeks had a broad democratic cultural tradition that encouraged individual independence of mind, the questioning of authority, and disagreement among peers. … Moreover, the Greeks were warlike and valued the virtues of combat, such as courage and honor.