Why do the Greeks try to spread their way of life around the world?

Why did Greek culture spread?

Alexander spread Greek culture throughout the Persian Empire, including parts of Asia and Africa. Alexander respected the local cultures he conquered, and allowed their customs to continue. … Alexander created the Hellenistic Age, a time when Greek culture mixed with the various cultures of Alexander’s Empire.

Why did ancient Greece expand?

The Greeks were great sea-farers, and travelling across the Mediterranean, they were eager to discover new lands and new opportunities. … Then, from the mid-8th to mid-6th centuries BCE, the Greek city-states (poleis) and individual groups started to expand beyond Greece with more deliberate and longer-term intentions.

How did the Greeks help spread their culture?

Greeks stayed in control of the different regions, elected Greek officials. by 241 B.C. the four regions became known as Hellenistic Kingdoms. Hellenistic Kings created new cities and settlements – spreading Greek culture. – A time when the Greek language and Greek ideas were spread to non-Greek peoples.

Why was the Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean and the rest of the world?

How did the Greeks spread their culture and political ideas throughout the Mediterranean? Large numbers of Greeks left their homelands to settle in lands with better farming, better trade, and more space between 750 BC and 550 BC. … These new colonies started to spread their culture throughout the Mediterranean.

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How did Greek ideas spread so far?

How did Greek ideas spread so far? It’s down to Alexander, the young king of Macedon. He led his army to take over Greece, Persia, Egypt and even part of India. … They admired the Greeks’ way of life and carried Greek ideas to even more countries – including ours!

How did the Greek religion spread?

In the heyday of the polis, the Greek religion was spread by the founding of new poleis, whose colonists took with them part of the sacred fire from the hearth of the mother city and the cults of the city’s gods. (“Heroes,” being essentially bound to the territory in which they were buried, had to be left behind.)

How and why did the Greek world expand?

roads and maps and this helped them expand their cities. [4] The invention of the odometer also helped stimulate the Greek economy. [5] Over many different ages spanning hundreds of years the Greeks were able to expand and colonize Greece.

How were the Greeks able to spread their culture and political ideas?

The greeks spread their cultural and political ideas through the mediterranean mostly by their own citizens moving throughout the mediterranean and establishing colonies. This also lead to increased trade with local people and thus the spread of ideas with local people.

How was life in ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks kept themselves busy and there were plenty of chores, distractions and entertainments available to keep daily life varied. Shopping in the markets of the agora, performing jury service, watching sporting events or listening to the latest play kept the Greeks out of the house.

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How does Greek culture spread beyond the Greek city states and colonies?

Greek ideas were spread through trade with Egypt, Sicily and other places. They spread their legacies of mathematics, architecture, etc. by trading and through Alexander the Great to other ancient cultures. For example, Alexander the Great spread Greek culture to India, Egypt and Persia.