Why is Greece not Hellas?

What is Hellas Greek?

‘Hellas’ is the name that we Hellenes (Héllēnes, Greeks) use when referring to our country; in simpler terms, ‘Hellas’ means ‘Greece’ in Hellenika (Greek language).

What is the difference between Greece and Hellas?

Even today, the country is known abroad as Greece, while the Greeks call themselves “Ellines” and their country Ellada, or Hellas in English. The official name of the country is The Hellenic Republic as it is written on Greek passports; however one’s ethnicity on the same documents is described as “Greek.”

Where is Hellas in Greece?

Continental Greece, as opposed to the Peloponnese peninsula and the Greek islands. A name for all lands inhabited by Hellenes, i.e. all of ancient Greece, including the Greek colonies. Hellas (theme), a Byzantine province in southern Greece.

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