Why was a strong navy important to Athens?

Was Athens a naval power?

‘ This Athenian naval reputation resulted largely from the role played by the Athenian fleet in the defeat of the Persians at Salamis in 480 and also from the Athenian maritime empire which enjoyed hegemony in the Aegean following the Persian Wars. Clearly, Athens was the pre-eminent naval power among the Greek states.

What was a strong navy important to the Delian League?

Why was a strong navy important to the Delian League in the Peloponnesian War? – The island Delos was the capital of the Delian League. – A navy could cut off Sparta from mainland Greece. … Many islands made up the territories of the Delian League.

What made Athens powerful?

This rise occurred largely due to its prominent location and control of key trading routes and leadership in the wars against Persia. While other Greek cities held more powerful armies, such as Sparta, Athens’ leadership proved attractive and helped pave the way for its influence.

Did Athens have a strong military?

While Athens did have a strong military, its soldiers were more militia than regular army. They had careers as craftsmen or artists and served in times of need, and did not perpetually live in military barracks like their Spartan counterparts.

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Did Athens have powerful navy?

During the Greco-Persian Wars, Athens developed a large, powerful navy in the eastern Mediterranean Sea that defeated the even larger Persian Navy at the Battle of Salamis. The Athenian Navy consisted of 80,000 crewing 400 ships. … Its fleet was destroyed and its empire lost during the Peloponnesian War.

How did the Delian League make Athens stronger?

The Athenian Empire

Its power in the League grew, especially after the famous statesman Pericles rose to power in Athens around 460 BC. Pericles began using the Delian League’s resources, including its navy and taxes, for Athens. It was this money that let him build the massive temple in Athens called the Parthenon.

How did being in the Delian League strengthen Athens?

How did gaining control of the delian league increase athens power? Gainign the trust of the delian league strengthened the athens because they had the trust of the delian league and then they took over their treasury then treated the peope as conqued people.

Why did Athens create Delian League?

The Delian League was founded in 478 BCE following the Persian War to be a military alliance against any enemies that might threaten Ionian Greeks. It was led most notably by Athens, who protected all members unable to protect themselves with its massive and powerful navy.

Why is Sparta important?

City of Sparta. Sparta was one of the most powerful city-states in Ancient Greece. It is famous for its powerful army as well as its battles with the city-state of Athens during the Peloponnesian War. Sparta was located in a valley on the banks of the Eurotas River in the south-eastern portion of Greece.

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What were Athens advantages?

The Athenians were stronger because they had a better geography, government, cultural achievements, and I would rather live in the Athens. Athens had a geographic advantage because they were very superior. The Athens lived by the Sea which was an advantage because they had an excellent trading system.