You asked: How dangerous is Mykonos?

Is Mykonos safe for tourists?

Mykonos is a fairly safe place to visit.

What is crime like in Mykonos?

Crime rates in Mykonos (Mikonos), Greece

Level of crime 75.00 High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 59.38 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 71.43 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 65.62 High
Problem corruption and bribery 78.12 High

Is Mykonos safe for families?

Mykonos is Absolutely suitable for families and the kids will love it. There are lots of family activities, such as visiting the many beautiful calm beaches, trendy boutique hotels, the tastiest food ever, open-air cinemas, plus beautiful weather.

Are villas in Mykonos safe?

In addition, at a time when the world is battling the battle Covid-19, the villas are far ahead when it comes to safety, as. They do not have common areas with the other residents of the complex or hotel: … Mykonos Luxury villas provide disinfection certificate upon each arrival.

Is Mykonos poor?

During the glorious years of Delos, the island of Mykonos experienced a long period of prosperity, thanks to the economic growth of its neighbour. However, after the disaster of Delos, the island went back to the anonymity. Mykonos has been just a poor island with limited agricultural resources.

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Can you drink the water in Mykonos?

Water. Tap water is not drinkable on the island. You can brush your teeth and have a shower but bottled water is suggested for drinking.

Is Mykonos Baby Friendly?

Mykonos has a bit of a party vibe but it’s still really family-friendly as long as you’re not out late into the night (most 2-year olds aren’t). Platys Gialos is a great beach on Mykonos that is an easy bus ride into the Chora and good combination between beach and town.

Can you get a DUI in Mykonos?

Please mention that the roads on the island are difficult and while drunk driving is not tolerated on the island, sadly, it can become a problem in the crowded months so please be careful on the roads and ALWAYS wear your helmets when driving.

Can you run in Mykonos?

The best running on Mykonos is along the coast of the main town. We’ve also identified some some scenic coastal and interior roads for running. … There is a stone paved walkway wrapping south to the Polikandrioti road.