You asked: How much does a building permit cost in Greece?

How much does it cost to build in Greece?

The construction costs amount in medium standard currently between 900,- and 1.200,- Euro per square meter. The cost of planning, building permit and other soft costs, and costs for outside facilities, special facilities, interiors / initial setup, development, etc.

How much does it cost to build a house in Greece?

Very approximately, with good quality, the cost of building a house and a pool will be about 200,000 euros. Plus the cost of a permit for the pool (about 4-5 thousand euros). Plus the cost of landscaping, landscaping on such a large plot can be quite expensive.

Can I build on land in Greece?

Contrary to many people’s ideas, building regulations are very strict in Greece. But they are also very specific. If the plot of land you choose complies with requirements for the issue of a building licence, then you will get your licence.

Can you build a house in Greece?

The construction of houses in Greece is impossible without obtaining a building permit. Depending on a number of factors, the cost of such a permit may differ for different projects. These factors usually include: type and size of a land plot.

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How do I claim property in Greece?

To declare your property, you must have (or find through your lawyer in Greece) plain copies of the deed of your property, proof of its registration to the old land registry, and in many cases topographic plans (survey maps) and building permits.

Is property in Greece expensive?

The Greek homes market has the lowest rates among 18 European countries according to an international survey by the RE/MAX Europe network of estate agents. In 2016 a 100-square meter apartment in a Greek city cost 92,200 euros on average, or 922 euros/sq.

Why do Greek houses look unfinished?

Unfinished buildings is a common sight in Greece. The reason is that greek people build what they need today and leave the rest of the building unfinished for the future. It may seem that the Greeks are constantly building houses – and they are. … The Greek social security system (IKA) is still being built up.

Is it safe to buy a property in Greece?

More than 80 per cent of the Greeks own their homes. They were never deprived from their properties, unlike most of the other Balkan peoples during the communist era. Greek constitution, courts and authorities fully respect property rights – which makes Greece a very safe place to invest in property.

Is it a good time to buy property in Greece?

Financial and real estate investors started to invest in Greece with immediate positive impacts on the economy. Since then property prices show an upward trend, but the 2020 values are still 35% lower than the historical high and 14% lower than the index average (at 77,59) between 2006-2020.

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How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Greece?

Swimming pools

A concrete pool, for example 4.5 m x 8m, can cost in the region of €25,000+ depending on the design, and obviously this is more economic to construct while the main build is being carried out. A liner pool can start from about €12,000 completed and should be guarantee for a minimum of 10 years.