Your question: How do I move to Mykonos?

How expensive is it to live in Mykonos?


Cost of living for nomad $6,034 / month
Cost of living for expat $3,718 / month
Cost of living for family $4,187 / month
Cost of living for local $1,196 / month
1br studio rent in center $715 / month

How easy is it to immigrate to Greece?

At the moment, it is relatively easy for European Citizens to move to Greece. A visa or a promise of work is not required. Third country nationals cannot apply for a residency permit on arrival.

Can I move to a Greek island?

You can adopt the lifestyle of many Greeks by spending six months on an island and six months on the mainland. … It is very normal to spend the summer season on an island and then relocate to Athens or somewhere else in the mainland for the winter period.

How do I move around in Mykonos?

The best way to get around Mykonos is the bus – the island has an efficient system that connects many towns and attractions. Chora banned motor vehicles, so everyone walks or rides a bike through town. We strongly advise against renting a car – they’re expensive to rent, and parking is a pain.

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Can you do Mykonos on a budget?

Can you do Mykonos on a budget? Doing Mykonos on a budget will most certainly be a challenge. But it’s also certainly doable. Of course, the idea of what a budget trip really means will differ from person to person – some will look to spend just €5 a day, others will be happy with €30.

What are the cons of living in Greece?

– Con: Tourist areas are expensive

Although the cost of living in Greece is relatively low, prices are hiked up in the main tourist areas to take advantage of the seasonal visitors. Choosing a lesser-known island or city to live in will certainly yield cheaper prices for almost everything, from accommodation to food.

Is it worth moving to Greece?

Whether you’re a short-term visitor or aspiring expat, Greece has it all: outstanding year-round weather, affordable accommodation, superb food, friendly locals, and amazing history. … Greece has long been a tourist magnet, but it’s big enough so you can always find your own secret ‘paradise spot’ away from the crowds.

How much money do I need to move to Greece?

All in all, you can expect to live comfortably on a budget of $1,500 each month, which includes average monthly costs and rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Athens. However, you could potentially cut your costs even more.

What is the cheapest Greek island to buy property?

Here are the 11 cheapest Greek islands for sale right now

  • Nafsika Island — €6.9 million (£4.9 million, $7.6 million).
  • St. …
  • Northern Aegean Island — €35 million (£25.9 million, $38.6 million). …
  • Dulichium Island — €40 million (£28.4 million, $44.1 million). …
  • Omfori Island — €50 million (£36 million, $55 million). …
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Does Greece have free healthcare?

Generally, expat residents and their families have access to free or low-cost public healthcare if they contribute to the Social Insurance Institute (IKA). IKA is a public insurance company that oversees Greece’s social security. … Primary healthcare is provided through ESY.