Your question: What fruits are eaten in Greece?

Do berries grow in Greece?

The Greek company Molia has been producing blueberries for the past five years and this season it will reach a production of between 20 and 25 tonnes. … “We have a team of 12 small producers with currently 16 hectares, with a growing season lasting from early June to mid September.

Do melons grow in Greece?

Watermelons, harvested in Greece from May to September, make their way through the whole of Europe. The western part of Peloponnese is well-known for its watermelon cultivation. A constant breeze blowing in from the Ionian Sea creates an ideal climate for growing watermelons.

What fruit is in season in Greece right now?

Apples, figs, grapes, melons, and plums remain in season as well. Walnuts are still good, as are the pistachios from Aegina. The situation perks up again in October, although it’s the end of the season for vlita.

Is pomegranate native to Greece?

The Pomegranate: History and origins

The pomegranate, a rosy-hued fruit, bursting with plentiful, ruby-red, jewel- like seeds, is one of the oldest, cultivated fruits. The ancient Greeks believed it to have been planted by The Goddess of love, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology) on the island of Cyprus.

Do apples grow in Greece?

In Greece, there are approximately 13,000 hectares currently cultivated for apples. The main producing areas include the prefectures of Kastoria, Kozani, Pella, and Imathia in Macedonia; and Magnesia and Larissa in Thessaly.

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What is the green fruit?

The most common types of green fruits are apples, pears, and green grapes. Fruits with green skin or flesh can have a sharp, sour taste like limes, gooseberries, sour plums, or the unusual cucamelon. … But there are also green fruits like avocado and cucumbers that we tend to think of as vegetables.

Are there blueberries in Greece?

According to the Greek agricultural farming news (2011), the blueberry is a new crop to Greece and has begun systematically to be cultivated in the last few years.

Do apricots grow in Greece?

The apricot industry is located in a small area of Peloponnesos (Southern Greece) and in the peninsula of Halkidiki (Makedonia- Greece). … Apricot culture in Greece goes back to the ancient times; it was well known before the coming of the peach. The apricot fruit, fresh or canned, is very popular in Greece.