Your question: Which art style is a mixture of Indian and Greek Greek art styles?

Which art form is considered blend of Greek and Indian art?

Gandhara style of art that developed in sculpture was a fusion of Greco-Roman and Indian styles. Gandhara school was heavily influenced by Greek methodologies, the figures were more spiritual and sculpted mainly in grey, and great detail was paid to exact depiction of body parts.

Which part of Indian art is attributed to Greek influence?

Greek Influences on Indian Sculpture:

The Greek initiation of sculpting the Buddha in human form matured and it became a major part of the Buddhist iconography. anthropomorphic representations of the Buddha reflect the legacy of the Greek artistic influence.

Which art style was the result of Greek influence?

This was what later became well known as the Gandhara style as well after Greeks left ancient India. Greek art styles may not have influenced India as a whole but there is definitely data that proves that they did in fact influence our sculpture styles.

Which was an Indo-Greek school of art?

Solution. The Indo-Greek school of art known as the Gandhara School of Art.

What impact did the Indo Greek rule have on India?

The penetration of Indo-Greeks, as well as of sakas pahlavas and Kushana influenced the government, society, religion literature and art of ancient India. The very fact that India absorbed influences of these foreigners speaks for the then youthful nature of Indian civilization.

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When did Greek came to India?

When the Greeks and Macedonians in Alexander’s army reached India in 326 BCE, they entered a new and strange world. They knew a few legends and travelers’ tales, but their categories of thought were inadequate to encompass what they witnessed.