Why is fish so expensive in Greece?

Is fish expensive in Greece?

Fish can be very expensive, though there are inexpensive fish available year-round, and these are just as tasty as the expensive ones.

Is fish cheap in Greece?

But good, fresh fish is not cheap in Greece and these restaurants don’t want you to buy the cheapest fish. They want you to buy the most expensive fish and the most expensive fish at one of these places can cost about 70 euros a kilo.

Does Greece have good fish?

Good choices as anchovies, sardines, mackerel, bogue (type of sea bream), and pike. These fish may be considered common but they are not so expensive, plus they will be fresh and Greek, and most importantly, the are richer in the good fatty acids.

Why is seafood so popular in Greece?

Written by GreekBoston.com in Greek Cooking. It’s easy to understand why seafood is such an important part of Greek cuisine. There are so many islands and well-developed coastal areas that seafood is readily accessible, which means that chefs have easy access to the freshest fish available.

Is there salmon in Greece?

Salmon already has a reputation in the country. … It is highly likely that coastal sites suitable for cage culture of coho salmon and large trout exist in Greece.

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Are there lobsters in Greece?

The lobster in Greece and in most of the Mediterranean is the spiny lobster – the claws like it’s Atlantic cousin are absent. The most common lobster in Greece is the spiny lobster. Another lobster also found in Greece (and Mediterranean) is the slipper lobster, known as the “lyra” or “kolohtipa” in Greek.

Are there crabs in Greece?

Crab used to be abundant in Greece but like in many places in the world, overfishing has become an issue and quotas and (sometimes) moratorium on fishing are in place. … Crab in Greece begins to appear in markets in Spring and its available in some regions throughout the summer.

Is there red snapper in Greece?

The Red Snapper they sell is just a local fish called Tsipura and 40 euro’s for 1 fish. – Review of Antonis, Vasilikos, Greece – Tripadvisor.

Is it legal to fish in Greece?

Generally, no licence is needed to fish with a line or rod in rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Local restrictions may apply. As with fishing in the sea, size restrictions apply for several kinds of fish. Freshwater fish in Greece include trout, whitefish and catfish.

What type of fish do the Greeks eat?

Common saltwater fish were yellowfin tuna, red mullet, rays, sea bass, grouper, wrasse, swordfish, sturgeon, and eels from Lake Copais. These were delicacies usually eaten salted. The cheapest fish, sprat, were small, herring-like fish that were readily available to the ancient Greeks.